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To submit your claim, please send us an e-mail on: Oman Motor Claims , or please visit the AXA office near you.

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How to declare your claim

1. What do I do in case of an accident?

You must obtain a Police report or MRTA (Minor Road Traffic Accident) Form depending on the severity of the accident, as this is required by law to process your claim.

2. What documents do I require to report a claim?

- Original Police report or MRTA Form
- Copy of the vehicle registration card
- Copy of the driving license of the driver at the time of the accident
- Your insurance policy number

3. How do I report a claim?

You can immediately report the claim over phone during office hours (24400160) or anytime through our web site. Subsequently, you can submit the necessary documents to us or deposit with the authorized workshop as advised by us. Please note that you may be required to come to our office when another party is also involved in the accident. Once the claim file is opened, you will receive an SMS with a claim reference number and the contact details of a workshop appropriate to the type of policy & the insured vehicle.

4. How is my No-claims Discount affected when the accident/damage to my vehicle is not my fault?

When you are not at fault, you have the choice to go to the Insurer of the responsible party or register the claim with AXA. Remember to complete the MRTA form with the other dirver(s)/Owner involved in the accident or wait for the police to issue the report if there is dispute. If you register a claim with AXA, we will collect the excess (deductible) but this will be refunded to you later if we are able to obtain full reimbursement from the Insurer of the guilty party. Such claims (when you are not responsible for the accident) will not affect your NCD if the guilty party/vehicle has been identified and has admitted fault in the MRTA form or been held responsible by the police.

5. Which garages will you use to repair my vehicle?

This depends on the type of Policy (Comprehensive, Perfect or Executive) you have selected a. Under the Comprehensive Policy 1. For new vehicles, agency repair is allowed in the first year. 2. For older vehicles, ROP approved “A” grade garages from our panel are used. b. Under Perfect Policy 1. For new vehicles, agency repair is allowed for first two years. 2. For older vehicles, ROP approved “A” grade garages from our panel are used. c. Under Motor Executive policy, agency repair option is available for vehicles up to 5 years old.

6. What is an Excess?

This is the amount of each & every loss which you have to bear in case of a claim. If you report multiple damages at the same time (scratches and dents which cannot be attributable to one incident), a separate excess for each damage/claim will be applied.

7. What do I do in case of an accident outside Oman?

In the event that you have an accident whilst travelling outside Oman and wish to open your claim and have the vehicle repaired in that country, you may do so by contacting our Claims Department in the country you are in, provided your policy was extended coverage to that Country. Contact details of AXA offices in the Gulf are available on our web-site:








To submit your claim, please send us an e-mail on: Oman Home Claims , or please visit the AXA office near you.

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How to declare your claim

 Claims Settlement

At your option we will indemnify you by replacement reinstatement repair or payment where we are able to replace the property payment will be limited to the cost of replacement by our preferred supplier. 

Contents and Personal Belongings (Sections 1, 2 & 3) 

The total amount payable by us in respect of loss or damage under Sections 1, 2 & 3 arising out of one occurrence shall not exceed the sum(s) insured.

The sum(s) insured will not be reduced by the amount of any claim payment unless stated otherwise in any cover.



In respect of valuables

  1. No one item shall be deemed of greater value than the Valuables Single Article Limit unless insured as a separate item.
  2. In respect of Sections 1 & 2, the total value of Valuables shall not exceed one third of the total sum insured by these Section unless otherwise stated in the Schedule.

Wear and tear

  1. In setting claims for total loss or damage beyond economic repair there will be no deduction for wear tear and depreciation except for:
    1. Any claim in respect of clothing household linen and pedal cycles.
    2. Any claim resulting from accidental damage to radio receivers television sets and games recording and audio equipment computers and carpets all more than 5 years old.
  2. In respect of property not belonging to you or your domestic helper a deduction for wear tear and depreciation will be made unless you or they are legally responsible for the cost of replacement as new under the terms of an agreement.

Matching items

  1. We will not pay for the cost of replacing any undamaged items forming part of a matching set or articles or suite of furniture. Where carpeting is damaged beyond repair only the damaged carpet will be replaced and not undamaged carpet in adjoining rooms.
  2. If any claim arises for loss of or damage to an article constituting one of an insured pair no regard shall be had to any special value as such and the amount payable under this Policy shall be calculated as though the article had been separately insured at pro-rata of the value of the pair or set.


An amount of BHD/OMR 25 or AED/SAR 250 will be deducted from any claim under each of the Sections 1, 2 and 3 of the Policy unless a specific excess has been mentioned for any cover or in the Schedule. Only one Excess may apply in the event of a claim under more than one item arising out of the same occurrence at the same time.

Any article exceeding single article limit

Proof of value will be required when making a claim for an item valued in excess of the Single Article Limit. We recommended that you retain copies of receipts, valuations, photographs, instructions booklets and guarantee cards to assist in the event of a claim.

Buildings (Sections 4 & 5)

At our option we will indemnify you by payment reinstatement replacement or repair. However we will not pay any reduction in the market value of the Home resulting from reinstatement.


An amount of BHD/OMR 100 or AED/SAR 1000 will be deducted from any claim under Sections 4 and 5 of the Policy. Only one excess will apply in the event of a claim under more than one item arising out of the same occurrence at the same time.

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How to declare your claim

View our Health E-Claims video on YouTube.


The Online Claims Portal provides ease of access for you to submit, track and manage your reimbursement claims easily from anywhere in the world.

Please note: you must keep a copy of all originals of claims submitted on line for at least 12 months as from time to time we may request these from you.


You can submit a new claim directly to AXA by uploading all of your claims documents allowing us to settle your claims within 15 working days.

For all claims submitted on line you can choose how you would like to be notified on the progress of a claim with AXA. You can choose to be notified via SMS or Email or both.

Please be aware that there is a maximum capacity for claims submitted on line, please ensure the files you are uploading are less than 1MB in size.


You can generate and print your claims report as soon as the claim is processed by AXA helping you to understand the amount reimbursed by AXA.

3. How to resubmit additional details?

If for any reason AXA requires further information to process your claim you will be notified in the way you choose. You can then resubmit the information on line ensuring the claim is processed as quickly as possible.

4. What do I need before using the online claims portal?

Before you start it is helpful to have all of the correct documents and information below so you can upload or follow your claims.

Policy Number & Membership Number – both can be found on your AXA Membership Card.

A fully completed claim form – ensure that this has been stamped and signed by the treating doctor and also signed by you.
All invoices related to the claim together with proof of payment i.e. receipts/ paid stamp.

Any supporting documents you may have been provided with by the hospital/treating practitioner i.e.

- Medical Reports
- Laboratory Test Results
- Ultrasound Reports
- Referral Letter

If in doubt, ensure you upload all documents you have received from the medical provider. This will ensure we have as much information as possible to process your claim quickly and will reduce the need to request further information.

To Track/ Manage a claim you will need the reference number provided to you by SMS/Email when you submitted the claim.

5. How to use the portal?

The Online Claims Portal is quick and easy to use, each step provides you with helpful hints at each stage wherever you see this sign ico_faq_ALL_EN.gif you can click to understand what is required in this section

You are also able to submit multiple claims and invoices in one step.

6. Further information

If you do require further information on the portal or anything else related to your AXA Healthcare Scheme, please contact AXA Customer Service.

UAE +971 4 429 4000 24 hours
Oman:  800 729 26  
Bahrain +973 17 582 612
24 hours
Qatar +971 4 412 8733
24 hours


To submit your claim, please send us an e-mail on: Oman Travel Claims , or please visit the AXA office near you.

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How to declare your claim

You must notify us in respect of the Medical Claim for Section A,B,C,D,E,F,G,H,I,J, and K – immediately after occurrence of any event the consequence of which could result in a claim, you or any other person acting on your behalf should contact as soon as possible the Alarm Centre in order to receive our prior approval and indication on the procedure to follow.

Contact AXA +441 892 55 6767 - 24 hours a day, 7 days week

Email :

Please refer to terms and condition for complete details and other additional local numbers for claims.

You should state:

  • Your family name and first name
  • The name of the insurance company (AXA Gulf Insurance) as well as the insurance policy number and period of insurance
  • The date of entry in the visited country
  • The Name, address and telephone number of the Medical Centre to which the Insured Person has been admitted
  • The name and address of the Medical Practitioner in charge of the Insured Person
  • A Brief description of the problems encountered.

For all other Sections L, M, N, O, P, Q & R, kindly contact our offices on the below mentioned numbers  as soon as possible, but not later than 31 days of the end of the Trip.

Theft claims you must provide written proof from the police that the incident has been reported.

Baggage delay claim you should get a letter /report from the airline confirming the delay and delivery dated and time of baggage.


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